The Fine Arts are important at Bay Area Christian School. God has given students many different talents and abilities. It is our desire to educate, inspire, and equip students to use their talents in ways that honor and glorify God.

Fine Arts



High school art is an exciting place for students to explore their gifts and talents.  The year is packed with activities, such as self-portraiture, human body proportions, abstract art as well as a realistic art, still life projects, graphic design, and even three dimensional sculptural projects.  Students learn and try various media, such as: drawing, painting, pen and ink, collage, jewelry making, and working with clay.  Students have an opportunity to submit the artwork they create in class to the annual TAPPS competition, as well as show their work at our annual Fine Arts Night Art Exhibit.  Students also have the opportunity to attend a field trip to learn more about fine art, and master artists.  In addition to creating fun art projects, students explore Art History as it relates to the word of God and His eternal perspective.  They also participate in classroom critiques to help build higher level cognitive processing, critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills, as well as elevate their level of artistic expression and expertise.  Art is a fun and exciting way to explore the creativity God has given us.  Through Fine Arts students learn to pursue excellence with our gifts and talents as an offering of praise and worship to the Father.  We welcome anyone who wants to learn or improve their drawing and painting abilities!  


Art has Value! Art is smART! Art is an important pART! The elements: line, shape, color, value, and texture identify the visual language known as 'art' that children intrinsically use to communicate their world. As children grow, art education is important to equip them to continue to use art to learn about themselves and the world around them. Cognitive skills like self-care, planning, and decision making; managing emotions, perceiving things in new ways, enhancing sensorimotor skills are many benefits gained by making art. Building knowledge about art history, technique, and skill is an important part of visual literacy. Collage, printmaking, construction, painting, and drawing are modalities elementary students experiment with.



All students who go through the band program at Bay Area Christian School will have the opportunity to receive a complete music education. Upon graduation, students are capable of playing college-level music and are prepared for college-level music studies (if they desire). The size and composition of our ensembles place certain restrictions on what this band is able to do well. Our directors commit to only pursue those ventures that our bands are capable of doing well. They also commit that whatever we do, we will do with excellence. 


Grades 7-8 band opportunity


High school band opportunity



Students in grades 7-12 have the opportunity to be involved in a music ensemble. Students in these ensembles will learn to sing and perform a variety of music, and be able to apply their musical knowledge in a variety of settings. They will also learn to read and notate music, as well as understand how music is an important part of their whole education. Students will be equipped for life as worshippers by focusing on knowledge of who Christ is. They will learn how that knowledge shapes their character and equips them for life as worshippers.


 Freedom Sound is our ensemble open to grades 7-8


Resound is our high school ensemble open to grades 9-12


Orchestra is a dynamic and exciting part of the the Fine Arts department. We provide many fun opportunities for students who desire to participate. Our classes meeting during school hours and are structured to equip beginners through advance level students. Classes include music history, reading/writing music, performance, and evaluation. Performances will include a range of music and be hosted on and off campus.